Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Looking ahead to 2011

So, it's that time again - where I put down a few thoughts about what lies ahead in the next twelve months and, more importantly, what I would like to achieve. But before I do, I want to recap on what I said around this time last year...

A quick glance at my 2010 to-do list is rather pleasing; with the exception of one or two points, I made real progress on all of my intentions - and those which you might describe as 'could try harder' are, relatively speaking, quite low on the list of priorities.

Last year, I talked about how the economy was presenting a real challenge for a lot of people, and how many turned to social media for reaching out to potential business contacts. Google Wave was the big thing, but the internet is a fickle mistress... and we all know what happened there!

It's true to say, though, that my online activities have come on leaps and bounds this year. The most rewarding and promising of developments have undoubtedly been the creation of my Facebook page - for which I won an award - and the launch of my podcast, which has its home at I must be doing something right, as both channels are creating contacts and opportunities which I'm sure I would never have encountered otherwise, and the feedback has been fantastic.

As for taking time out for myself, photographically-speaking... Well, I am glad to say last year's project - Fountain Jam - has been really well received, and I can't wait to finally put together the layout together over the next couple of months and see the book printed!

So then, what's on the list for the next twelve months?


  • Write a blog post at least once per week.
  • Interact more with others' blogs, via comments and forums.
  • Create more behind-the-scenes videos.
  • Extend my podcasting activities/further develop
  • Continue my self-driven yearly projects, including another book for 2011.
  • Conduct more product tests/reviews.
  • Extend my use of wireless speedlights - regular lighting tests for own benefit.
  • Work more with the outdoor market - if this is you, let me know!
  • Build on the GBP:Workshop tutorials which were set in motion last year..
  • And yes, keep on top of that Wired magazine subscription!

Once again, this little lot should keep me going for a while...

What about you? What are your aims and ambitions for 2011? Whatever you've got in mind, have a great one!

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