Friday, 27 August 2010

Findings for a Friday - #0006

It's Friday, which can only mean one thing - Here are this week's golden nuggets of knowledge!

Article: OpenBeak - The latest evolution of TwitterBerry (Twitter client for BlackBerry).

Article: Tiny Cardboard Box People Appear All Over Singapore - Brilliant stuff; nice pictures, too!

Article: 5 things to Know About Facebook Places - New location service from Facebook, but...

Article: DIY iPhone Teleprompter - Very clever device.

Article: 10 iPad Observations - After a couple of months' use...

Article: 5 Examples On Building A Brand - More inspiration to help you along.

Article: Should I Charge The artist? - Author asks whether artists should pay him for playing their music on his podcast.

Article: 7 Facebook Marketing Tips From world's Top Pros - Make the most of your Facebook presence.

Article: 101 Freelance Job Sites - A great list to help you.

Article: Fuji Instax Wide Format Instant Camera - Instant photography is back!

Article: Introducing The Photographers Rights Gray Card Set - Easy-to-carry and practical advice.

Article: Photographers' Light The Magic Ingredient - Photography is all about light.

Article: Balance Helps Creatives Showcase Portfolios On LinkedIn - Another good bolt-on tool.

Article: Shoot Tips: Shooting An Amphitheater - Behind-the-scenes advice.

Article: How To Use Your Flash Outdoors For Some Interesting Effects - Includes some nice, simple examples.

Video: Kodak 1922 Kodachome Film Test - Some of the earliest colour motion pictures you will ever see.

Video: Go Behind-The-Scenes With Annie Leibovitz As She Photographs Sean Connery - Exactly as it says.

Video: Sneak Peak At Samsung's Tablet Gadget - A rival for the iPad?

Website: Productive Flourishing - A great resource for helping you to be more productive.

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