Friday, 6 August 2010

Findings for a Friday - #0003

Your selection of gems unearthed from the interwebs this week... Enjoy!

Article: The Signature Image: A Fine-Art Photographer Looking For New Gallery Representation - Case Study Examples

Article: Google Analytics For Facebook Fan Pages - How To Set It Up

Article: Retro 1960s Robo-Dog Designs Unearthed - Experimental Electronics Of the Past

Article: Magnum Photos - Abbas: Tibetans In Exile - Photo Essay/Slideshow

Article: 7 Portable And Practical Media Storage Devices - Ideas For Backing Up Your Images whilst Out And About

Blog Post: 23 Fun Amusement park Pictures - Images To Inspire You

Product: The Camera Lens Mug - Geek-out When You Have Your Cuppa!

Resource: Photojournalism Links, Wednesday 4th August 2010 - Links To Interviews, Features, Essays And Photographers

Website: - 'An Exclusive Online Art Gallery'

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