Friday, 13 August 2010

Findings for a Friday - #0004

So, Friday the 13th is upon us... Let's see if we can get you some good luck in the form of inspiration from around the web:

Application: - Scheduling made easy

Article: Are You A Healthy Blogger? - Tips for getting a good balance.

Article: 10 Nifty, Excellent Excuses For Failing At Photography - Exactly what it says.

Article: One Curve For Photo - A radical new concept for DSLR design.

Article: Backpack Photo School: Light Painting In Camp - Creative effects using a headlamp and slow shutter speeds.

Article: Keep writing Those articles! - Short piece which shares tips for article writing.

Article: Photography Light Stand Sandbags - DIY how-to.

Article/video: Police Use iPhone App That Can Identify A Suspect By Taking A Photo Of Their Face - Clever stuff!

Article: Basics Of Copywriting - How to become a successful copywriter.

Article/video: Volvo Accidentally Smashes New Car In Safety Demo - PR gone wrong... we all make mistakes!

Product: Manfrotto 797 Modod Pocket Table Tripod - Brilliant little fold-away item.

Resource: Oh My God what Happened And What Should I do? - Free e-book, just pay with a tweet.

Website: WEX's First Video! - The first purpose-made demonstration video by Warehouse Express (demo: Camera Armor's Seattle Solo dry bag).

Workshops: 1-to-1 and Group Tuition With GBP:Workshop - Learn and improve your photography.

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