Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Vobes-Babbidge Pinhole Camera Project: First tests

Well, the Vobes-Babbidge Pinhole Camera Project is moving on at a nice pace now, with our latest tests showing definite improvements over the last.

In the first of our audio commentaries below, you'll hear us constructing our MK#1 camera, taking it outside for exposures using only available light (the sun) and developing the very first paper negatives. It was interesting to see what appeared out of the darkness of our improvised darkroom...

Pin Hole podcast - 003

With the MK#2 camera in hand, there was a definite increase in sharpness, contrast and density in our results. In a somewhat more controlled environment, we stayed indoors and set up a still life arrangement; this was lit by a constant light source (one 1000-watt halogen photo lamp).

By no means perfect (watch out for the schoolboy error!), our work is still very much about understanding the process and slowly refining our technique... as explained in our final thoughts about how to move things along in the very near future. Enjoy!

Pin Hole podcast - 004

Oh, and if you missed our first two instalments, you can catch up with them here.

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