Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Just a bit of fun

I like to have a laugh. After all, it can't always be work, work, work. Sometimes you just have to find an escape and let your hair down. For me, this relief often comes in the form of visiting a little web site by the name of World Of Poot. Don't ask. I
t's just a bit of fun - check it out if, like me, you have a twisted sense of humour, and all will become clear. Disclaimer: I have always maintained that it is my insanity that keeps me sane - and, no, it is not me in the pictures!

Anyway, the point is that over the New Year break, the WOP team went out and about to do a spot of filming locally. Naturally, this gave cause for supporting still images for this non-factual spoof documentary. And as far as I was concerned, it also provided a chance to give the new 50mm Nikkor another airing. Lovely standard lens, and perfectly suited to quick, no-frills portraiture. I also brought out the ultra-wideangle for some more dynamic perspective - another nice option for this kind of stuff, so long as you are aware of the limits of its perspective distortion at closer distances.

As for lighting, the rather flat ambient of the late-afternoon overcast day was just perfect for balancing with portable flash. Given that the images were shot at an old abandoned folly, and the underlying story had a theme of history and the past, we wanted to inject a bit of atmosphere. Playing with light (albeit very simply) is the perfect way to do this.

Additional lighting, then, was supplied by a single Nikon SB-800 speedlight, triggered remotely using CLS - Nikon's Creative Lighting System, and fired bare-bulb style (i.e. no modification such as diffusers, brollies etc). This was mounted on a small tripod for easy positioning.

These are by no means technical images, nor do I claim them to be. It was all just a bit of fun. However, the techniques used for the shots here can be applied to many different assignments in order to add interest, highlight certain image elements or to create separation from surroundings.

Oh, and for quick reference, the direct link to the mini-film is this one right here. Enjoy!

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Manda the Photographer said...

Always good to see another photographer to find their own way to have a little fun after all the work we have to do! I'm looking forward to see more of this!

Oh and a Happy new year to you too!