Saturday, 31 January 2009

Canvassers welcome

I recently received a call from from a lady whose boyfriend I photographed whilst shooting for Wavelength magazine at an extreme sports event some time back in 2004. Totally out of the blue, but also very interesting at the same time.

I photographed hundreds of people and took thousands of frames during the course of that event, so understandably I couldn't remember exactly who the person in question was. However, a quick search through the archive for the particular file reference number and there he was, riding the waves in all his glory (see picture above).

Turns out his girlfriend was wanting a canvas print made of the picture, to give as a present. She had already gone into her local high street photographic shop to ask about their canvas print services (and no, I am not going to be naming names here!) but, quite rightly, they told her that they could not do this due to copyright laws governing the image. So she gave us a call.

Long story cut short - we have just supplied her with a superior quality, hand-stretched and anti-aging, fade-free 60x85cm (28x40 inches) canvas print. And because we ensure our monitors are calibrated to the the printing machines used (i.e. to guarantee that what you see is what you get), fantastic results are produced time after time.

Canvas prints are a great way to show off your wonderful photographs, both new and old - whether as 'space fillers' in your hallway or as centrepieces in your living room or business premises.

And remember... the whole point of pictures is that they are there to be looked at.

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