Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Photo Junkie

OK, I admit it - I'm a junkie when it comes to photography. But I make no apologies for that.

I love the art, I love talking about it (no surprises there then!), and I love listening to what others have to say, too. Which is why I want to share the following video with you (I've watched it countless times already, so it's only fair you get a go!).

I have great respect for Joe McNally - an internationally acclaimed American photographer, whose command of technique is, very often, quite simply breathtaking. A man after my own heart, he's all about sharing when it comes to photography. His latest book - The Moment It Clicks - is a constant source of both pleasure and education, as is his blog.

In this video (brace yourself, it's over an hour long - but well worth it), Joe talks about the book and his experiences as a working photographer.


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