Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Top Ten Paul

A quick mention today for my good friend Paul over at Paul Mitchell Art for making it through to the Top Ten Businesses (Southern-region) in the Barclays Trading Places Awards.
Regular readers will recognise his name from this recent GBP Blog post in which he supplied the soundtrack for the video.

I've known Paul for a good few years now, often bouncing ideas off him and sharing my own successes and disappointments. With our creative paths running parallel at times, it's been great to have the support. By default, I've also followed him through his good times as well as the tougher ones.

So it was with pleasure that I took him up on the offer
to attend the Awards Luncheon yesterday. It was a real milestone for Paul, as well as for the other finalists, and recognition well deserved. By all accounts it was a great day out, made all the better by glorious sunshine.

If you can, I would encourage you to take a few minutes to follow the link above, through to Paul's website and check out his award-winning craft.

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Paul Mitchell said...

Many thanks indeed for your glowing blog entry Giles! It was a very good day, aided as you say by the wonderful weather. It was such an honour to be alongside such courageous and talented business-people, who like me, have turned their lives around and starting to make it happen for them. A deeply inspiring event!