Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Next Step (Evolution)

When I set up this blog way back in March 2008, I had a very specific agenda in mind. This was to be the place where I would share my day-to-day thoughts, musings and activities so that you might get a glimpse into my world as a professional photographer.

Three years later, and I hope you'll agree I've done just that. Certainly judging by the feedback from readers, I have.

But things move on and now, coincidentally 3 years to the day, I find myself at the point of yet another evolutionary step in my online activities. First it was the GBP Blog, then came In The Frame, my monthly newsletter. These were the first places to announce a number of changes to my main photography website and, more recently, the blog proclaimed the launch of my all-new podcast, The Active Photographer...

Ah yes, The Active Photographer. What started out in December as a simple weekly audio update of my antics has grown into something far more involved - and far more exciting - than anything I had imagined. Just 13 shows in, and already it's about to see some big changes.

There is clearly a lot of overlap between the podcast and this site, which is why I have decided to merge the two. From now on, any written content that I put out, any links to web content which I think you should see, will be appearing on The Active Photographer.

The result, of course, will be a fuller, more vibrant and interesting site - but it also serves another purpose. By now, you must know that I use Twitter and Facebook to share a lot of information... Well, TAP fits snuggly into the community of great, friendly and creative people I am talking to on a daily basis.

All the forthcoming changes to The Active Photographer will see the site reaching a far wider audience and offering much, much more to its visitors.

I'll be posting an announcement there tomorrow, to bring everyone up to date; in the meantime, you can pick up the RSS feed here.

So there it is - the GBP Blog is moving home. Thanks to everyone who has supported the this site over the last 3 years - it means a great deal.

This is not goodbye, as they say, it's the start of something big. So why not come on over and join me for a cuppa and a natter in our new home. I think you'll like it here.


Anonymous said...

Good man Giles. Good to see energy and
momentum matching your passion!


Giles said...

Thanks for your support as ever, Will. Really looking forward to seeing the development of The Active Photographer in the coming weeks and months :)