Friday, 23 July 2010

Findings for a Friday - #0001

As my online activities grow and diversify - specifically through the use of Twitter and Facebook - it's very clear that a great deal of the information I come across is/would be of benefit to a lot of my followers and those who keep track of what I have to say.

This past week has got me thinking. What use are all these wonderful links to books, podcasts, web pages, assorted resources... if I don't share them?

Here's my plan.

Every Friday, I will be writing a post on the GBP Blog, containing a list of all the useful, intriguing, thought-provoking and fascinating content which I have shared - and which has been shared with me - over the past week.

It won't all be about photography, but a mix of topics including the arts, media, technology, marketing... really, anything that will inspire and inform!

So, to kick things off, here are your Findings for a Friday #0001:

Article: 6 Things Photographers Like To Argue About

Article: 12 Excuses For Sooting Photographs For Free - And Why They're Bogus

Article: Officers Claim They Don't Need Law To Stop Photographer Taking Pictures

Article: Mine Is A Wi-Fi World (GBP:Blog)

Article: 505 Marketing Ideas

Article: Mindful Earning - 3 Rules To Set Prices With A Conscience

Article: Free Weekly Tips To Help You Grow And Enhance Your Photography Business

Article: Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport

Article: Has Demand For Microstock Photography Peaked?

Article: Proof That Social Media Can Work For Your Photography Business

Article: A Few Things That You Shouldn't Say On Twitter

Article: What Do We Really Mean By Art?

Article: Scanning Around With Gene: Those Darn Cats

Blog: The Photographic World Of Drew Gardner

Book: Purple Cow - Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable

Book: The Linked Photographers' Guide To Online Marketing And Social Media

Comic Strip: What The Duck

Discussion: Is It The Camera Or The Photographer? (GBP:Discuss)

Discussion: What Makes A Photograph Great?

Podcast: BlogcastFM - A podcast by bloggers, for bloggers

Prodct/review: Tweetymail

Product/supplier: GoPro Wearable Digital Cameras

Video: In Praise Of Pea Soup - Shooting In Fog

Workshops: 1-to-1 & Group Tuition with GBP:Workshop

For more of the same, you might like to also check out my bookmarks over on Delicious.


New Media Photographer said...


Thank you for including new media photographer on the list and the book linked photographer.

A few of the posts caught my eye such as Mindful earning. Purple cow is always a good book to recommend. Don's post on what make's a good photograph is a good one too.

Great list and idea.


Giles said...

Hey Rosh - thanks for taking the time to post a comment!

Glad you liked the list and, of course, it's my pleasure to give you a mention.

The more we can share such great resources, the better!