Monday, 7 June 2010

Introducing: GBP:Workshop

Finally, the official announcement!

As many of you may know, I've been quietly working away behind the scenes, putting together a brand new series of workshops aimed at anyone who is keen to learn, explore and improve upon their interest in photography.

The premise is simple: Beginners' guides assume too much knowledge, which means people reading them often end up none-the-wiser. They don't want to be bombarded by photo-jargon - they just want to know what they should be doing in order to improve their image making. Is that really so much to ask?

With this in mind, I've developed the
all-new GBP:Workshop - a series of one-off, 4-hour sessions, centred around a simplified hands-on approach to learning the basics of photography.

GBP:Workshop isn't:
  • Jargon-filled, alienating, uncomfortable
  • Pre-learned knowhow required
  • Vanity lecture disguised as a workshop
  • Uneasy silences in an echoey room
  • 'Keep up or catch up!' mentality
  • Desk-based series of how-to instructions

GBP:Workshop is:
  • Fun, small, group-led participation
  • Run by a professional photographer
  • Tailored to you; bring your own camera
  • The basics, to get you up and running
  • Practical skills which actually matter
  • Step-by-step, topic-by-topic, learn-as-you-go
  • 'Snap and see' hands-on tasks
  • Legible workshop notes and reference material
  • Project ideas for continued learning
  • Online support

I've never been a fan of the way so many seminars and workshops are based around the mentality of 'take the money, teach and run'. For this reason
GBP: Workshop offers on-going support in the form of online discussion; after the workshop, you and your fellow attendees simply upload your pictures to a designated private online album and there we can talk over your progress and any ongoing questions you might have.

Of course, there's no pressure on you to do this, but I'm sure it'll be of benefit - and besides which, it's a great way to network with fellow enthusiasts!

To get the ball rolling, the first workshop I'm running is SLR Startup - which covers the basics of how to master the key functions of your digital SLR camera in order to consistently get the striking results you want.

Details of this workshop, location and prices can be found here.

If you have any questions, please drop me an email or post them in the comments section below (this would really benefit all those interested!).

Alternatively, you can always catch up with me on Facebook or Twitter (hint: you can search my related tweets using #gbpworkshop).

Edit: Here's some feedback from someone who recently had some 1-to-1 tuition with me:

"I hired Giles for a morning's practical photography refresher course to improve my skills and get to grips with a new digital SLR. Giles explained everything in a non-techie way which has really helped me to get the most out of my new camera and take much better images as a result. I would recommend Giles to anyone looking for a photography workshop or one to one training session."

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