Monday, 10 May 2010

Make the most of your pictures!

A recent shoot got me thinking about how people don't always make full use of the photographs which they commission. Thankfully, those involved on this particular occasion will.

So, I was asked to attend the relaunch party of a local beauty salon, capturing a series of images depicting the proceedings over the course of a few hours. Getting on site early allowed me to catch up with my client (she contacted me via LinkedIn, having remembered me from a networking group we both attended 4 years ago), and get a good idea of the location and lighting considerations.

Before guests started to arrive, I made it my priority to capture a set of nice, clean images showing the atmospheric, newly-decorated rooms, including detail shots. The rest of my time was then spent capturing a mix of posed and un-posed pictures of everyone chatting, networking and generally enjoying the free champagne.

Perfect PR material.

In the first instance, my images hit an advertorial feature in the local press (see photo above). Ffollowing that, they will be used in both printed and online media well into the future.


The great thing about photographs - especially the digital variety - is that they are very flexible when it comes to how you can use them. Sounds kind of obvious, right? Well, not necessarily.

Ahead of any shoot, I always have a meeting and/or series of emails and phone calls with my clients, in which we discuss not just the sort of imagery they are wanting, but the ways in which those pictures are ultimately going to be used.

Quite often, thoughts turn simply to the immediate output (profile pictures on a company's website, for example), and regularly the possibilities just... stop. At least in the client's mind. But why should they?

You need to think laterally, people, and consider what other opportunities are out there for spreading your message!

Let's be frank - you're prepared to pay out 'X' amount for my services, so why wouldn't you make the most of our time together? This isn't exploitation, it's value for money. Bang for your buck... call it what you will.

Never be afraid to ask about the potential for using photographs throughout all your marketing activities - there's no such thing as a stupid question.

The point is, I want my clients to make the most of the photographs I shoot for them. That's why I like working with forward-thinking companies, especially if they have their own in-house or out-sourced marketing department.

It's only be being open to the possibilities that you will ever get the most out of this wonderful, powerful communication device we call photography.

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