Saturday, 14 November 2009

Giles on Empty Shops Radio

For those of you who are Twitter-literate and who follow my antics (so simple to do - just look here!), you will have picked up on the fact that from this week, and on occasions throughout the weeks leading up to 19th December, I am going to be involved with a new collaborative project down here on the south coast.

Arranged by Artists And Makers, in conjunction with Worthing Lions and, the initiative is turning a former Allied Carpets showroom into The Upmarket - a space for local charities and communitiy groups to raise funds and showcase their work, as well as a meeting place for other assorted arts-based activities.

Today has been great fun, and my first chance to get properly involved with proceedings. It was also a great networking opportunity (so, a quick shout out in particular to good ol' Mr. Vobes, Marie-Louise Plum and David Rogers - all of whom are super-well connected via the Twitter network, of course).

In terms of photography, I had a casual mixed bag of shots to produce, ranging from the typically formal 'group' shots for publication in local press, to spontaneous promo imagery of radio interview activities 'on the shop floor' as it were.

One person who did not feature in any of the pictures was yours truely (probably for the best, to be honest!). However, I did sit down to record a podcast with Mr. V, in which we discussed the use of photography and new media (such as Twitter, Blogs and audio) in publicising your business, events, musings etc.

You can listen to this simply by clicking on the play icon below:

Play Podcast

If you happen to be in the Worthing area, or else fancy taking a trip down from elsewhere (as Marie-Louise did), the guys will be very happy to meet you and discuss what this whole little shindig is all about. The more of you that get involved, the better!

In the mean time, be sure to check back at the Empty Shops Radio web page to hear the latest podcasts as they are uploaded.

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