Sunday, 5 July 2009

FOS '09 - Day 3

Just a quick post this evening, by way of completing my 3-part coverage of this year's Goodwood Festival Of Speed. It's been a long, hot weekend and as much as I've enjoyed covering the event, as I always do, I really am looking forward to hanging up the cameras and taking a few minutes for myself at the end of this day!

Following a brief visit to the track and the opening Super car run, I went in search of a few candid protraits as drivers waited to make their way to the start line. It was the turn of the pre-war race cars, so lots of opportunity to show off some of the great characters behind the wheel. Although this event does not specify 'costume' (as with the Goodwood Revival later in the year), a number of those taking part were clearly more than happy to get into the spirit of things.

By late morning, current Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton made his first appearance on the track - and of course, being a star attraction, it was important that he was photographed as part of the web site coverage. I caught up with him as he got out of his car to a round of applause from spectators - who he graciously acknowledged.

With the afternoon sunshine beating down, it was time to head over to the Cartier Style et Luxe area again, to photograph the competition-winning cars, following judging earlier in the day. Nothing fancy, just simple pictures which showed the vehicles being admired by onlookers.

The day wrapped up with the now-traditional award presentations, recognition of drivers' performances throughout the weekend. With a myriad of famous faces up on stage, the assembled crowd saw a great end to yet another fantastic Festival Of Speed.

When time allows, I will be working on a number of my pictures from the three days, giving them the treatment they deserve. Naturally, these will be presented here on the GBP Blog - along with a little background information. Watch this space!

Today's action (featuring a selection of both my images and those captured by colleagues) can be seen on the Goodwood website here.

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