Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Business Brain: Part 1

It's amazing what you can buy on Ebay, isn't it? From antiques to clothes, music to animal feed, there really is very little you can't find online. Me, I've just taken delivery of a new brain. Not before time, some might say! But wait, don't start jumping up and down excitedly just yet. Let me explain.

I received a request last week to produce an image for use on the cover of a promotional brochure; the underpinning message was along the lines of 'the business brain'. So, with thinking cap firmly in place, we set about putting some ideas down on paper and searching for reference material – again, the internet is a great tool for this!

The first obstacle to overcome was the 'brain' itself... Initial thoughts (see image at left) led us towards creating a basic framework on which the object would be constructed Рchicken wire and papier mach̩ is always good for this; however, given our time constraints, we turned to Plan B - good ol' Ebay!

You can see what we came up with in the picture above.

Ironically, we anticipte that the actual 'brain' will not feature a great deal in the final picture; it will be there simply to act as shaping tool, and will be predominantly hidden by a length of spiral cabling. The main emphasis of the image is on communication and specifically business communication.

This job will be completed in the next couple of days - a simple studio shot, lit simply, containing our basic model components and a plain background. Keeping true to our theory of 'why complicate matters?', the picture's success will lie in the fact that all elements work well together in a no-fuss, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) approach.

More to come - including a video of the whole process from start to finish!

EDIT: Part 2 can now be found here

Oh, and for more behind-the-scenes GBP videos, check out us out on YouTube.

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